011 - Episode Skate Co


What’s up Brent! Tell us a little bit about yourself. 

Hey, my names Brent and I’m from Brisbane.

What inspired you to start Episode?

I started episode as a place to channel both my skating and creativity. I started off just making t-shirts and now I’m making boards and accessories and other stuff.

What inspires and drives the brand the most?

I guess whatever I’m mentally into at the time of designing is what inspires each piece.

What was the inspiration behind this mix?

This mix is just a bunch of bands and artists that I like.

Favourite things to do in your down time?

Reading, drawing and making stuff with my hands.

What is in the works for Episode in the near future? Is there anything specific that you’re working on at the moment?

I’m making another skate clip at the moment.

I’ve been filming some groms too which will be cool to show sometime next year.

Three interesting individuals we might not, but definitely should know about?

1. Haruki Murakami

2. Charlie Kaufman

3. Felix Vallotton

 Favourite 3 Video Parts?

Heath Kirchart – Sight Unseen

Dustin Dollin – Baker 3

Dylan Reider Cherry

What does a typical day out filming with Episode entail?

Having fun

A pet hate?

Gatekeeping, especially in skating

You can only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what is it?

Indian food

More via @episodeskateco

Track List 

Medusa – Feelings of Indifference
The Church – Under The Milky Way
Duster – Inside Out
Codeine – Pickup Song (Demo)
Helmet – I Know
The Rolling Stones – Heaven
Mojave 3 – Bluebird of Happiness
Loveliescrushing – Flowered Smother
David Holmes – My Mate Paul
Sebadoh – Not Too Amused

010 - Hogg Food

Track List 

Side A

Big Bur-Na – Daze of Bur-Na
Mack 10, Tha Dogg Pound – Nothin’ But The Cavi Hit
Cookin Soul – L FREES
Conway the Machine, 2 Chainz – 200 Pies
7 Days of Funk, Snoop Dogg – I’ll Be There 4U (Instrumental)
Three 6 Mafia, Project Pat – Poppin’ My Collar
E.S.G. – Swangin’ and Bangin’
Mike Jones, Big Moe – Flossin’
Tha Dogg Pound – Let’s Play House
Mach-Hommy, Westside Gunn – Folie A Deux
South Central Cartel – Gangsta Luv, Pt. 2
Gangsta Pat – Dead Presidents

Side B

Master P – I Miss My Homies
Knxwledge – Timebak
Navy Blue – Petty Cash
JAY-Z – Can’t Knock The Hustle
Freddie Gibbs – Deeper
Snoop Dogg – Let’s Get Blown
Westside Gunn – Elizabeth
Nas – One Love
MIKE – goin truuu
Knxwledge – Realnihgagrammys
Knxwledge – MMG
Ovrkast – Love Somebody
Navy Blue – Moment Hung

009 - Sam Larkins

CC & Sam Larkins

What’s up Sam! Tell us a little bit about yourself. 

What’s up homie! Im 23 living in Brissy. I’ve been here for a hot minute. I was in country Victoria for a lil’ bit when I was younger, but yeah made the switch up here with my family about 12ish years ago. I back skating and kicking it with the bros.

I know you’re a Beamer man. Tell us a little bit about your whip and how your interest in cars came about?

Haha a lil’ bit. I’m kind of a BMW fan I guess, but it kinda ends there for cars to be honest. I got really into the e46 and e30 specifically when i was like 8 or 10 years old. I thought they looked really dope how square they are at the back end of the car. I just thought it looked dope as a grommy, hahah.

Have you filming for any specific projects lately?

Yeah mane! Been filming with Pat Gemzik and Ethan Miller. We’ve been at it for quite a while now i’m super excited for it to come together, it’s the very very end of filming so it’ll be out soon!

What was the inspiration behind this mix?

Well I kinda got into heavier music and liking guitar a lot when I moved into a house with some homies like 2-3 years ago. They play guitar so I guess those dudes and some other homies started to shape the music I was into. 

The inspiration I guess was just to show some songs that I’m into at the moment across all types of music I’m into.

Artists / tracks you’re feeling at the moment?

Chassm – I know Brad covered it, but those fools deserve a lot of recognition. Eli, Storm and Jess kill it! They’re hella dedicated to what they do.

The band ISIS –  the song ‘The Beginning and the End’. They’re really dope. The song has really cool melodic sections, then gets a bit heavier and bounces around. It’s tight.

Favourite things to do in your down time?

Hang with friends, play pool with my grand dad. That’s always fun as hell. He’s a beast!

There’s a bit of basketball talent in the Larkins family. Did you ever play yourself?

Haha I guess you could say that. My old boy played for a few years and so does my brother. I played basketball when I was younger. It’s fun it’s super challenging but unfortunately height is pretty paramount in that sport hahaha.

Three interesting individuals we might not, but definitely should know about?

Lakshan Dharmapriya – Dude is all kinds of talented and creative. He is super into photography and is very dedicated to doing it. Also is pretty gifted in the music sense, being able to play keys and guitar super well. He’s the very good homie. Go find him on the socials

Alex Dougall – Another one of the very good homies. He is a beast on guitar and just all round good dude. Wait for some music from this guy you won’t be disappointed.

Manny Kovacs – Known him for a very long time one of the first dudes i started skating with when I moved to Brisbane. He can do whatever the hell he wants on a skateboard and does it with power. 

 Favourite 3 Video Parts?

Damn… that’s a tough question. I grew up watching a lot of Australian skateboarding so might keep it all Oz related.

Tommy Fynn – Part & Parcel 

Alex Lawton – Mobbn Deep

Dave Harris – Part & Parcel

Part & Parcel was probably the most watched video as a grom haha

Most memorable trip you’ve been on?

Damn tough, probably not even a skate trip. Went to Thailand with the homie Joey one year it was super fun. We just kicked it ate really nice food and drank hella cheap beer for two weeks. It was beast.

Funniest moment you can recall while out on the mish filming?

There are plenty to chose from but i’d say just in general being out on the mish with Curtis Hay. He’s easily triggered even though he’ll claim he isn’t. You know he’s off it when he’ll pause for a few seconds, close his eyes and then leads with “See you can’t say that though cause ….” or “Oi nah” 

Curty is the best got a lotta love for that fool.

A pet hate?

When you go to shake hands with someone and you aren’t on the same page. So you don’t know if you’re shaking the hand or slapping the hand followed by a bump. It gets hella awkward for a second. 

You can only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what is it?

Parmi haha


Portrait and Ollie photographs by Curtis Hay – @old_curty

More from Sam via @samlarkins

Track List

CHASSM – Pariah
Animals As Leaders – Tooth And Claw
TOOL – 7empest
ISIS – The Beginning and the End
Pallbearer – Devoid of Redemption
Wayfarer – On Horseback they Carried Thunder
Death – Spirit Crusher
Omar Rodriquez-Lopez Group – WIP II (Live)
Ataxia – Dust
Red Hot Chilli Peppers – Backwoods
John Frusciante – Today
ISIS – Not in Rivers, But in Drops

008 - Levi Hunter

What’s up Lev! Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Heya Nick! Thanks for inviting me to do a mix for you, I’m super stoked!

I grew up on the Sunshine Coast at Coolum Beach and always had a keen interest in outdoors activities like skateboarding, bike riding, bodyboarding, and swimming at the beach. I first moved to Brisbane in 2016 so I could study at Queensland University of Technology to become an engineer. Since living in Brisbane, skateboarding has become a massive part of my life and it has introduced me to so many wonderful people. I recently graduated from my uni degree as an electrical engineer, and I plan to continue living in Brisbane as I consider it my new home.

I’ve always known you as a multi-disciplinary creative.. from the VX to music and other avenues in between. Tell us a bit about the VX days and what’s been happening with you in recent times.

When I first moved to Brisbane I started getting into skate filming because I lived with my housemate Jarrod Parker who is a very talented skateboarder. I first started filming with an old Hi-8 camera I bought from an op shop and we used to just muck around at the skatepark and film clips. I really loved using tape cameras because I was obsessed with the distorted look of the footage compared to modern cameras. Eventually my tape compartment of my Hi-8 camera stopped working so I decided I wanted to take it to the next level and import a Japanese Sony VX-1000. I loved the VX-1000 a lot because the colours you could achieve with that camera are amazing. With the right white balance setting, you could get incredible golden colours.

Recently I’ve been focusing on my own skateboarding. I’ve been skating Balmoral skatepark heaps, trying to become more comfortable in the bowl there. It’s been great fun!

Have you been working on any specific projects lately?

I haven’t been working on anything too major lately. I hope to record some new mixes soon for personal use. I have this idea that it would be awesome to create mixes for specific settings like a bushwalk at Springbrook National Park for example. I guess the process of choosing tracks is really satisfying and it gets you keen to go out and do things.

What was the inspiration behind this mix?

I find that there’s a strong connection between music and skateboarding. Having the right song playing while skateboarding can enhance the experience and make you feel amazing. The first half of the mix features many slower, downtempo tracks which I find really suited to cruisy skates. Like riding your board along the Brisbane river bikeways. The mix gradually becomes more deep-house and trance oriented which I find is perfect music for when you’re at the skatepark with friends trying to get some new tricks down!

Artists / tracks you’re feeling at the moment?

I’ve really been loving the tracks Guy Contact is producing at the moment. They’ve got some banging releases coming out soon. I’ve also really been digging the track Cruisin’ by Zopelar. Basslines are absolutely killer in that song.

Favourite things to do in your down time?

I’ve been getting back into reading which is great. I’m currently reading a book about near-earth objects which offers some pretty amazing anecdotes. I also like journaling, where I document days where I’ve done fun things which I want to remember in the years ahead. I’ve also been making small artworks here in there, usually by either collaging from magazines or drawing abstract patterns with textas.

Three interesting individuals we might not, but definitely should know about?

Maddi Hunter (@velvetpaint)– my sister Maddi is an incredible artist who specialises in so many different mediums. Watercolour, oil painting and more recently she has taken up clay sculpting. Her art style is unique and unlike anything I’ve ever seen!

Georgia Means (@muck.mag)– Georgia is a close friend of mine and artist who creates awesome digital art. Her recent project muck.mag showcases some absolutely stunning collage works. Georgia also created the artwork used for the mix tracklist. Thank you Georgia for being such a supportive friend!

Charlie Stephens (@url_c_) – Charlie is a great mate of mine who has an amazing sense for music. He has shown me many tracks and introduced me to plenty of new genres of music and I admire his deep passion for music. He showed me the basics of mixing alongside his partner Madi (Shoutout Madi for letting me use your Mixing controller!). They are true gems! Definitely check out some of Charlie’s mixes!

Favourite cameras in your possession?

My beloved Sony VX-1000 will always be my favourite camera. I’ve captured some great memories with that thing. I also love my Panasonic NV-MX7 which is a small Mini-dv camera which I can put in my tote bag. I will often bring this camera when I go on camping trips or hikes. I would also say that my Pentax ESPIO 738 is another favourite camera of mine. It’s a point and shoot film camera that I take absolutely everywhere I go. I’m honestly impressed that it still functions that’s how much I’ve used it.

Top 3 cuisines?

Japanese, Vietnamese, and Indian for sure.

3 underrated places to visit in QLD?

Dunk Island – Beautiful secluded island off the coast of Mission Beach. I’ve been lucky to camp here a few times with my partner and her family.

Girraween National Park – Mark sure to camp there and check out ‘The Pyramid’ for some stunning views of the area.

Double Island Point – A must visit if you have access to a 4WD. A sunset at Double Island Point is unlike anything else you’ll experience.

A pet hate?


You’re stuck on a deserted island with three guests, who are they and why?

Bear Grylls because he has all the survival knowledge. Sade because her soothing voice will keep us calm and relaxed. My partner Ruby because I love her company.


More from Levi via @lev.mp4

Track List

A Beat For You – Glen Adams
Red Bluff – Cactus Head
Hommage á Noir – Ralf Hildenbeutel
Scenes – Angophora
Stay Clean – Phil Western
Untitled – Nutcase & Papachubba
F 124cc – Rings Around Saturn
Summit (Wind Dance Dub) – Telephones
Amazonia (Dance Mix) – Amazonia
In The Park – Eddie C
Maya Bay – Guy Contact
Ecstacy Beach – Manuel Darquart
Cruisin’ – Zopelar
Raindrops – D.K.
Portal Vision (Kali) – Ex-Terrestrial
Leather Lover – General Electrik Meets Andy Rantzen
Don’t Panic – Spooky
Nurture – Norachi
Lush Mushrooms – Hugh B
Alegrya (Virtual Mix) – Extasia

007 - Jesse Brodbeck

CC & Jesse Brodbeck

What’s up Jesse! Tell us a little bit about yourself. 

I come from a pretty small town in NSW and started travelling to a few cities around Aus when I was 15, lived in WA for a couple of years and North Queensland for a stint as well as a couple years on the Gold Coast before finding home here in Brisbane. I feel lucky to have had the chance to live in a few different spots as I have met some of the best people all around the country.  

You’ve recently bounced back from a pretty major injury… How has the road to recovery treated you?

I honestly got really lucky with my recovery. I had a hairline fracture in my leg for a couple of months without really realising it and it finally snapped in half one day skating a rail. I kind of took it as a chance ease off of drinking and give the healthy lifestyle a go and it really benefited my recovery. I managed to step foot on board 4 months after my first surgery, and then a month later I had to go in to get two of the screws out that supported both bones so that was another month or so off the board, so I’m stuck with a plate and 5 screws in my leg now.

It was a pretty hard time mentally trying to deal with that kind of injury and being pretty immobilised, but I was fortunate enough to have my moms and some really good homies in my corner, as well as my girlfriend who went out of her way to help me whenever I needed it. So thankful for them all.

What sort of projects have you been working on lately?

I’ve been really focused on getting back into the streets! Throughout my whole injury I had the heaviest FOMO ever. Seeing everyone out skating and in the streets got me so keen to be there! It is an amazing feeling to be back filming again stacking clips. Aside from that I have been focusing a bit on music.

I’ve seen some guitar action on your IG stories recently, is this a bit of a hobby of yours?

For sure! I got into playing music a bit in high school but never really had the money for my own gear so it kind of fell by the wayside for a while. At the start of this whole COVID thing I thought it was a perfect time to get back into playing and I am stoked, kept my mind occupied throughout my injury as well! Now it is something to look forward to when I’m not skating. Got a lil drumset and a few guitars and a synth the homie Kael has lent me, so myself, my roommate Ronan and my mate Scott get into a jam most weekends, it’s good fun.

What was the inspiration behind this mix?

It’s mostly a mix of songs and bands I listen to in order to unwind or if I need a pick me up after a bit of a rough day. The song military madness in particular sticks out as it reminds me of times spent with the homie Koby who passed last year. He made a clip using that song back in the day and it always transports me back to them times. RIP to the best.

Artists / tracks you’re feeling at the moment?

One of my favourite bands, King Woman, just dropped a new album that I’ve been eager to hear for a year or so now, and it is amazing! The whole album is great. Don’t go a day without listening to some Nirvana either, have been really getting into old blues stuff over the past year as well. Other than that I have been getting back into the ‘Pixies’ and ‘The Breeders. ‘Kim Deal’ is one of my favourite artists for sure.

Favourite things to do in your down time?

I’ll usually play some guitar or just sit and unwind to some music. I am really into food as well so I’m always down to try cook a new dish or go and check out a restaurant, café or patisserie with my girlfriend. Food is tight.

Three interesting individuals we might not, but definitely should know about?

Brendan Murcutt is one of my brothers from WA, he does these amazing art pieces on boards by burning the imagine in with a soldering iron, they are crazy good.

If you haven’t seen before, Mitch Robertom has some rad leather work going at the moment.

Jaan (Josh O’Loughlin), who is one of the homies from Mackay, is the best dude. He is good at everything he tries, and has one of the best styles on a board. He is definitely an inspiration for me when it comes to skating and playing guitar, he rips!

Crew that gasses you up most to go skate?

I feel so lucky because every crew I get to skate with gasses me up! Sam Larkins and Patty G and that crew are so motivating and fun, Harry Pascoe and that crew are always a laugh, the fellas in Mackay are also nothing but fun! There’s too many to name!

Top 3 cuisines?



French patisserie

Favourite 3 Video Parts?

Heath Kirchart – Sight Unseen

Erik Ellington – The Deathwish Video

Dennis Durrant – Part and Parcel  

A pet hate?


You’re stuck on a deserted island with three guests, who are they and why?

My mate Scott, we have been through thick and thin together and he would find a way to fashion a guitar out of the land for us to play.

Sam Larkins, the mans has the best attitude there is no way we would be down about our situation.

The homie Big Rich, he’s the handiest man I know and would get us sorted well quick, and would have a smile while doing it. 


More from Jesse via @jessebrodbeck

Photos below by Henry Harbeck. Portrait by Clinten Davison.

Track List

Nirvana – Spank Thru (Live In Rome)
Queens of the Stone Age – I Appear Missing
The Breeders – MetaGoth
Graham Nash – Military Madness
Pixies – Hey
Nirvana – Oh Me
Lead Belly – Where Did You Sleep Last Night
Dead Moon – Killing Me
Townes Van Zandt – Waitin’ Around to Die
Nirvana – D-7 (Live at Reading)
The Doors – Queen of the Highway
King Woman – King of Swords

006 - Jaiden Lal

CC & Jaiden Lal


What’s Up Jaiden? Tell us a little bit about yourself. 

I grew up in Canada and moved over here with my family when I was 17. I first got involved in the skate community through coaching lessons a few years ago and now I’m working at Fast Times in Brisbane.

Tell us a bit about the move from Canada over to Aus?

I finished up Year 12 on the Sunshine Coast when I first arrived and then moved up to Brisbane after I graduated high school. I hate cold weather and always have so that was a big incentive to move to Australia.

How have you kept busy during the latest Brisbane lockdown?

Reading ‘Barefoot Investor’ in front of the space heater.

What do you like to do in your down time?

Read an interesting book or experiment with vegan recipes.

What was the inspiration behind this mix?

Skating Coops with my friends at sunset

Artists / tracks you’re feeling at the moment?

I have been pumping some ‘Young Thug’ during lockdown.

Three underrated places to visit in Brisbane?

Paper Moon Café, The Book Merchant Jenkins, and the Korean Bath house in South Brisbane.

Three interesting individuals we might not, but definitely should know about?

Tora Waldren, a talented skater and dear friend. One of the founders of @weskateqld

Indigo Willing, a skater and academic who has done heaps to foster diversity and inclusivity in the Brisbane skate scene.

Trudy Hilton, a good friend and mentor. She is the director of a non-profit HIV clinic in Roatan, Honduras that offers free STI testing, contraception, and sex education to the community.

A pet hate?


Best Places to find memes?


You’re stuck on a deserted island with three guests, who are they and why?

My good friends Jack, Kayla and Xanthe. They are all knowledgeable about nature, great company, and good in a crisis.

Track List

Young Thug – Daddy’s Birthday
Knxwledge – LastsFurst
DJ Cam Quartet
Ice Cube – It Was A Good Day
MF DOOM – Charnsuka
Kendrick Lamar – untitled 08 | 09.06.2014.
A$AP Rocky, Juicy J, UGK – Wavybone
Patrice Rushen – Feels So Real
Nick Minaj, Swae Lee – Chun Swae
Guru, Roy Ayers – Take A Look (At Yourself)
Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa – That Good
Young Thug – She Wanna Party

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