012 - Masala Kids

CC & Daniel Vincent (Masala Kids)

What’s up Danny! Tell us a little bit about yourself. 

Yoyoyoyo. I’m an Austril-Indian man that grew up in Oceanic continent.

What have you got in the works at the moment?

A bit of this and a bit of that hey. I just moved house. My backyard is like a jungle so I’m getting my green thumb on, haha.

You’ve had a hand in a lot of different creative projects over the years, what were some of your personal favourites?

Woodfolk events were definitely some of the most nostalgic memories! The last few years I have been diving into the music realm which has been an amazing experience. I went to Nepal in 2019 and locked myself in an Airbnb and just made beats with my SP404, which some other tourists thought was so random but I loved it. Not one hike… hahah

You held an amazing intimate art show at your house a few moons ago, give us the rundown on how this came about?

Me and my homie Indigo fell deep into the painting rabbit hole during peak covid lockdown; which is weird to say but it was the best creative push for us being locked in our beautiful house.

Over a few months we just started stacking paintings, filling up our lounge room and then decided we wanted to showcase it all for our friends in this weird time of life. We thought it might put a few smiles on people’s faces and thankfully it did!

We certainly had such a fun time! We managed to get some beer sponsors so that was sweet as well. Our other roommate Marcus just released his album for Anders & Edgar so we had a little listening party on the night which was absolutely beautiful!

What’s been happening on the music side of things for you lately?

I’ve been working on some projects here and there with friends. I’ve have met a lot of good people recently who make similar music to me. This has been so refreshing because I didn’t really know there was much of a scene for the music I make and listen to.

After releasing my recent album DARLEEN on Spotify, I have taken a step back and been on the listening music train. I’ve just been digging for records and stacking up my collection, while just actively listening to albums from start to finish. It’s something that I’d never really done to be honest (thanks to Spotify) hahah.

Three interesting individuals we might not, but definitely should know about?

Indigo Pesu – Animation guru among many other skillz

Barry Lizouski – King of Coops 😉

David Versace – Makes tunes of all styles that will make you wet!

Jobbo – For any of your excavation needs!

Most memorable trip you’ve been on? (skate or non skate related)

Japan 2017. I went snowboarding which I cannot wait to do again! I maganged to skate tokyo for a week which was fucking freezing but spots were sexy! Zach Nolan made a clip (below)

What was the inspiration behind this mix?

Life baby

Artists / tracks you’re feeling at the moment?

Sun Ra
Lillian Vase

Favourite things to do in your down time?

Play with my plants
Crate diggin’
Making fingerboard spots 

A pet hate?

Late-night Uber Eats

Top 3 spots to wine, dine or have a cuppa?

Les Bubbles have one  meal on the menu and its cooked to perfection + unimited chips and creamy sauces

Paw Paw – Spicy eggs benny on a crossiant 

Bahn Mi – if you know where to go

The End bar – make some gang* cocktails 

More from Daniel Vincent via @masala.kids  & @doubleshot_piccolo

Spotify link here


Track List 

Mbube – Solomon Linda’s Original Evening Birds
Got To Give It Up (Pt.1) – Marvin Gaye
Baby – Ariel Pink
Bela Lugosi’s Dead – Bauhaus
Night Walk – Dirty Beaches
Tubesocks – Kiefer
shuremng – Knxwledge
Slowdance – Mndsgn
WHITE CRAYON – Athletic Progression
Peruvian – Horatio Luna
Moody – ESG
Fall In Love (Your Funeral) – Erykah Badu
Miracles – SAULT
Trustt – Jitwam
Tezeta (Nostalgia) – Mulatu Astatke

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