016 - Bryce Anderson

CC & Bryce Anderson

What’s up Bryce! Tell us a little bit about yourself.  

Hey! I’m an artist working and residing in Melbourne. I grew up in Queensland.

What have you got in the works at the moment? 

I have commenced a new series of paintings that will be heading to Uprise Art NYC early next year. 

At this point the premise for the work has been the return to the still life genre, though this may change as I progress. Lately I’ve been trying to just let hunches lead the way. Each work informs the next. 

Tell us a bit about the themes and processes within your work? 

I primarily work in collage and painting with a focus on reutilizing discarded content. Varying in subject, my work covers everything from pop culture to art history.  

Tell us a bit about your studio space and what’s usually happening around you while you work? 

I have a studio in East Brunswick. It’s part of a larger group of artists’ studios. I spend a lot of time listening to music. It tends to dictate the pace and approach to my paintings and varies largely in genre. I keep some of my favourite artist books close by, as well as an ever-increasing collection of old books and postcards.


China Heights Install - November 2022

You work at an art store too right? What are some of the perks of the job? 

I suppose the largest perk would be discounted art supplies as I tend to go through a lot of material.

Three interesting individuals we might not, but definitely should know about? 

There are soo many people I could mention but I’ll restrict myself to Melbourne and stick with visual artists. 

Julia Trybala is a great painter and continues to evolve and gain the recognition she deserves. I live with a large drawing of hers. She’s great! 

Alasdair McLuckie is another great artist from Melbourne, his work traverses a number of subjects and processes from painting, collage, textile and sculpture.  

And finally, Diena Georgetti, a mid-career artist with a distinct approach to image making. Her paintings combine a plethora of art historical references to make something exciting and contemporary.

What was the inspiration behind this mix? 

My mix was inspired by my return to early-mid 2000’s indie and 90’s slow core. A lot of sad, contemplative and angsty boys and girls.

Artists / tracks you’re feeling at the moment? 

This year I’d have to say one of my favourite discoveries is a band called ‘American Analog Set’. The album ‘Know by Heart’ has this amazing lightness to it, underpinned by this rolling tempo that carries through the whole album. I never grow tired of it.

Favourite things to do in your down time?

I’ve recently adopted running in the mornings as a way to reset and get my day started, it’s been incredibly positive for my physical and mental health. 

The studio is a very solitary place, so socialising with friends, going out for some food and drink or catching a movie is always good.

Most memorable trip you’ve been on? 

I would have to say Japan was a pretty mind-blowing trip which luckily fell just before the covid era. 

I also travelled to New York back in February for a two-person exhibition. I love that city and it was a trip to see all of the paintings I labored over in East Brunswick over the other side of the globe.

Top 3 spots to wine, dine or have a cuppa?

My three favourite breakfast/lunch spots would be Morning Market, Cibi and Dukes Coffee.

What’s in the works for the near future? 

I have a series of paintings heading to NYC with Uprise Art and I’d like to do some travelling in 2023.
Maybe an artist residency if I can swing it.


More from Bryce via @bryce__anderson

China Heights Install - November 2022

Track List 

Bedhead – Bedside Table
The American Analog Set – Million Young
Alex G – Kicker
Duster – Heading for the Door
Fugazi – Afterthought
Polvo – My Kimono
Horse Jumper of Love – Ugly Brunette
Horse Jumper of Love – July 5th
Ulrika Spacek – No.1 Hum
Duster – Moon Age
Ulrika Spacek – Freudian Slip
The American Analog Set – Like Foxes Through Fences
Pinback – Sender
Alex G – Snot

015 - Mechanoreceptor

CC & Mechanoreceptor

What’s up Wiremu! Tell us a little bit about yourself. 

Heya Nick, thanks for having me! That is I. The name should tell you I’ve got some indigenous blood; native to New Zealand and part Dutch. I’ve lived in Australia now for about 16 years. I’ve just finished my masters. That was great. I read a lot of brain data. Since finishing, I’ve been working at Fast Times and occasionally tutoring third-years at The University of Queensland. I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus lately while I make sense of this forceful compulsion to create things, so a career in academia has taken a backseat for now. If I’m not doing any of these things, you’ll catch me jumping up and down inside a warehouse to loud music, skating, or kickin’ it with family or friends.  

What have you got in the works at the moment?

I’ve got a few things on rotation. Plenty of new music needing to be completed. This is pretty well something always on the go. Always in a cycle of starting new tracks, sending tracks out/waiting for feedback, and finishing tracks.

I recorded a guest mix that just came out on a podcast based in Colorado (US). Excited for that. The mix contains a lot of great producers that helped me evolve as a one myself. You’ll find some of them also making an appearance in the one I carefully prepared for you here, X.

I’ve been deep in my art journals working out some finer details for a solo show later this year (probably November or thereabouts). This should be good. I expect to see a nice crossover between fashion and art with this show. I’m working within a theme – Human Form and Textiles.  

Hoping to see a collab with Curb Crawlers come to fruition by the end of the year. I really think what you’re doing with the brand is quality!

You’ve delved into a lot of different creative avenues over the years. What have been some of your personal favourite projects you’ve worked on to date?

Hmmm, I’ve got a few that put a smile on my face.

I restored a classic car with me old man back in high school. 1965 Wolseley 24/80. Blue and white. This was a super special bonding experience, but it also took the idea of creating (restoring) something with your bare hands to a whole new level for me. My girlfriend and I at the time named her Daisy. We’d painted daisies on the side and ‘christened’ her in broad daylight, haha. I later sanded the daisies off ready for a fresh new paint job my dad and I did together. I sold Daisy to a family friend. So, fortunately, I get to say g’day every now and then! 

My music project – Mechanoreceptor. I’m mostly connected through Instagram on another account. I think my first post, on Christmas Day 2019, just reads ‘Greetings’. I followed only those producers and DJs I loved. Since then, I’ve made friends with producers, DJs, and labels from all over the world – some of whom I’ll link up with next year overseas. I think this is why this is a personal favourite. I never expected to become so globally connected through something so private and special to me. It’s a world beyond the small city I’m based in I couldn’t see but now appreciate.

A little left of field, but I have to say my masters research project was another good one. It was a rewarding battle, full of all kinds of emotion and creativity. People have said it before, science is actually a very creative pursuit. There are very laborious and uninspiring aspects to it. But it can provide some really novel puzzles which force you to be innovative, flexible, and creative with your solutions to try circumvent problems. This is a feature prominent in an artist’s life, I think. They often operate within their own worlds, after having set up their own constraints and rules. So that recipe, naturally, will give rise to novel problems demanding novel solutions. 

But generally, the more creative projects the better. It’s a language : ) Don’t put all your eggs in one basket!

What’s been happening on the music side of things for you lately?

Quite a lot haha.

I see word got back to you already, I’m sitting on an almost complete EP set to come out within the next month. I’m extremely excited for this. One of my favourite labels is putting it out. I’ve also got two staunch meticulous producers from New Zealand and Iceland providing remixes. Just waiting on Jadzia (Iceland) and a couple admin things, then we’re full throttle!!!

Also under Mechanoreceptor (@mechanoreceptor_), the guest mix I mentioned above came out recently! Johan Sebastian is the cat that runs Dark Science Electro out of Colorado. I’m lucky episode number 670! Johan (@dvsnme) is super approachable and supportive of DJ/producers regardless of their experience. I think I fall into that category of artists with little to no experience haha. But we’ve been talking for a while now and he understands what I’m doing with my music, where it’s developed from, and how it fits into his ethos for the podcast etc. So very pleased to be part of that. 

A while ago I linked up with a fellow Māori producer from New Zealand, Mokotron (@mokotron). He’s been making a lot of noise there in the underground scene. We’ve been back and forth on a collab which I’m hyped on and excited for. His music loosely goes by the slogan, ‘Indigenous bass for your mutha fuckin face’, which I think is pretty damn TOUGH. Growing up in New Zealand, it was the norm to see white people as doctors, politicians, scientists, and coloured people working in fish ’n’ chip shops, bakeries, and factories. Not only is Mokotron a staunch producer making moves, but he also holds a senior lecturer position teaching Māori history. 

I’ve been working on my DJ’ing a lot more lately too. First big gig coming up on the 9th. Shoutout to John for thinking of me (@wag1.megaman). Keen to make some bodies move and groove. Lock and load!

I’ve heard people describe my music productions as very moody, gritty, robotic, and glitchy. But lately I’ve been getting into softer more ambient-like productions to accompany my art practice. If you’ve seen me sharing stuff called Sentimental Notes, you’ll know what I’m talking about. While many of my conceptual ideas permeate all the activity I do and the things I make, Sentimental Notes I think more clearly translates some of the concepts I try incorporate in my paintings.

How is everything going with your art practice?

Yea good good. Still idling in the background. Mostly just working on plans for my solo show. 

Kat runs Practice studio (@practice.studio) and took a liking to my artwork. I was stoked she was interested in the relationship between material and the human form. My biggest interest in material is its textural dynamics and how this dictates its relationship to light. It makes room for a large visual diet. And for someone interested in light and 3-dimensionality, the human form is a naturally occurring example of this phenomenon. I like to give things an intimate and sensuous twist. I think this lends itself well to a lot of emotions invoked by material and how humans relate to it. So, in my show, I’m looking to emphasise this relationship between textural diversity in fabric and a sensuous relationship with the human form.

Remix of 'The Sleepers' by Gustave Courbet, 2021. Acrylic on Canvas. Dimensions: 59.5 x 89.5cm
'Golden Leaves' Bucket Hat

You’ve been sewing a little bit recently, right? Tell us a bit about this.

That’s right. Have to give a shoutout to my mum for teaching me a few things back in high school. She was a dressmaker for a bit before us kids came by. Over the years I’ve sewn things here and there. Always on the lookout for good fabric. New Years, Shandy (@shandy.party) threw a party at the Tivoli. I made a bucket hat for that and got a lot of compliments. I’ve made a couple since then and plan to make more. 

Also, considering my solo show looks at fabric and the human form, I’m looking at making some garments and/or accessories for this. 

Three interesting individuals we might not, but definitely should know about?

  1. Tait LeCouter (@executiveproducerr) – a very good DJ/producer. Often keeps away from the limelight. Very funny if he lets you in. Tait’s part of a rave collective that’s been around for a while. Bad Taste House Collective throw some good parties!
  2. Haroumi Poutapu (@romiindahouse) – the homie away from home. We met here in Brisbane but share ethnic roots. She’s harboured a solid following in the underground music scene!
  3. Gabby Zussino (@pattinatrici) – I think roller-skating has really been popping off the past few years. Gabby takes some of the gnarliest slams and is responsible for a lot of really great footage. I think her work is really valuable. Unfortunately, she’s been hurting herself too much skating and has taken the boots off. But I’m told the camera’s still rolling!

Most memorable trip you’ve been on?

Ahh, that’d have to be Portugal my friend. The sun sets differently there. I’m not a spiritual person. But that place spoke to me on more than one occasion. I came back and since then have written a number of poems, worked on a couple paintings and made a promise with myself to return. Perhaps I’ll set up a little holiday house there, haha. 

What was the inspiration behind this mix?

It was partially spur of the moment. I’d finished recording my mix for Dark Science Electro a few days earlier. I was thinking about CC Radio and said right, I’m going home (from work) to record a mix for Nick.

Essentially, it’s a mix of some of my favourite artists/tracks, but I arranged it in such a way to serve as an analogue for human emotion when things are smooth sailing and you’re around good people! Starts off with some light spacey sounds. Maybe you’re finishing some gardening on a Saturday afternoon. Things pick up to get you bouncing. You’re starting to think about the evening plans. Homies are inbound for a pot-luck dinner, drinks and board games. The sun’s setting. Beep beep. You just made a phat espresso martini. Homies pulling up. You’re shocked at how well all your friends can cook. Music’s bumpin’. Aromas and heated competition are abound. It’s ecstasy. “I love ya’ll”. Tell your friends you love them. Music’s getting funky and kinda sexy. You’re most comfortable with those you love and trust. More drinks, more laughter, more beats. The dishes magically washed themselves, the party never ends. 

Artists / tracks you’re feeling at the moment?

Damn, have to bring up this cat PTHGN (@pthgn_electro_techno) from the states. A lot of people are out there pushing their sound, trying to blow-up and all that jazz. I started tracking his stuff about 6 months ago, just little jams he was sharing on instagram. Very quiet, doing his own thing. Every post or story got me hyped to eventually hear a full track from him. Hadn’t released anything till very recently. Got picked up on a few labels now and has had some support from big names. I think his talent was just so damn obvious it was only a matter of time before the rest of us picked up on it.

Is it bad to say I’m really digging a remix coming out on my own EP? Haha. Technically it’s not my own work. Go Nuclear (@gonucleartechno) made the remix. They just have a really dope and rich aesthetic I’m so stoked to hear is present in the track. It’s the aesthetic I immediately became hooked on when I first heard their work. Big shoutout to Tim (1/2 of Go Nuclear) for always supporting my music!

Also, really dig Danny Vincent’s stuff under Masala Kids (@masala.kids). If you know, you know. If you don’t, verse yourself. 

Lastly, was pleased to see Mourning Sheets (@mourningsheets) are playing in public. Jack and I became friendly a while back at paddo skatepark. It’s a beautiful project with a lot of depth. 

Favourite things to do in your down time?

Walk slowly with my hands in my pockets and think. Be amongst nature. Talk to myself. Listen to classical music. Write in my diaries. Simple tings. The high life. 

A pet hate?

I like this question. Nice reminder you have it good. Generally, just the fact we have to go to the bathroom, or limited battery power.

Top 3 spots to wine, dine or have a cuppa?

  1. Mum & Dad’s – picturesque mini hinterland, outdoor fire pit, chickens roaming, smoked meats, fresh fruit and veggies in the garden, good company, free food!
  2. The Hangi Pit in Springwood my G. A quality feed for those missing home. If they’re closed, Dad does a good Hangi too.
  3. A good cuppa is anywhere with your homies; maybe the next morning following a rowdy night. Everyone gets up slowly and you all feel like the same brekky food. Little Genovese in Coorparoo is a good one.

More from Mechanoreceptor via @mechanoreceptor_ & @wiremuhohaia

Photo: Seamus Platt - @seamus.platt

Track List 

Dcast Dynamics – Lift
Dcast Dynamics – Under Current
Anthiliawaters  – When Night Time
Ambien Baby  – Cicln
Alex Jann – Klep Klap
Cygnus – Turner Phase
DMX Krew – Arcturus VII
Elecktroids – Perpetual Motion
Jensen Interceptor – Aqua Lung
Jensen Interceptor  – Mother
Coon Daddy – Freaks Everywhere
DJ D’Jital – Coleco Vision
Greenwald – Hitachi
666uba – Wash and Set
Selfhood – Mo Dawgs
PTHGN – Won’t Stop Tippin

014 - Sam Owbridge

CC & Sam Owbridge

What’s up Sam! Tell us a little bit about yourself. 

What’s up NOS! My full name is Sam Jake Owbridge. I’m originally from a town an hour south of Melbourne City called Hastings, but I’m currently living in Toorak just out of the City with you which is bloody unreal!

What have you been up to lately?

Apart from working full time at Fast Times Skateboarding, I’ve been skating heaps with Tony, Wade and the gang closely followed by beers at Leonards most weekends. I’ve also been going on a bunch of bike rides but in typical Melbourne fashion, the weather has turned and it’s bloody cold! Did I mention I’ve been absolutely smoking you at pool though haha?

Oh is that so! I can recall an 8-2 in my favour recently at Heartbreaker… haha!
You’ve been on a couple of skate trips recently, where did you go and what went down?

I have been fortunate to go on a few lately which is always the absolute best! We went to Adelaide in South Australia over the Australia Day weekend with a heavy squad. The trip got pretty out of hand as we had been locked up for a while due to the heavy restrictions in Victoria so everyone was ready to let loose! Safe to say we spent a silly amount of money on electric scooters, paisley bandanas and beers. I promise though we definitely got heaps of tricks filmed and the boys came through!

I went to the Belco Bowl Jam comp over the Labour Day weekend too which was an insane experience. Wade Mclaughlin hooked everything up from the van, driving us there and the hotel which was amazing. Now they have copious amounts of cash to give out and they run the street comps it’s definitely epic. Skating between spots in Canberra City with 300+ people all partying and skating definitely makes for a solid weekend and I highly recommend it to anyone who gets the opportunity to go!

Fast Times also flew me to Europe for the week recently which was epic. Got to go with one of my colleague and close friend Andrew Chappell and we spent a lot of time in spas and saunas. We stayed in some insane places and the spots in Vienna are some of the best! Thank you Fast Times <3

Funniest thing to happen on each trip?

Haha oh jeez where do I start.. Adelaide trip would have to be James Moore taking a poo off this extremely high bridge into the water at Port Adelaide quickly followed by a boneless 360 off the top of the bridge (probably landing on the poo he just did). He said he really needed to take one and the boys (myself included) egged him on. I should probably just mention this was just after he landed a massive ollie off the pier into an abandoned boat which was insane – stay tuned for that footage in Tony’s next video.

A lot of things happened on the Belco trip as you could imagine but the moment I atleast laughed the hardest was with Brad Saunders. We both got up kind of early and everyone else was still sleeping so naturally, we decided to go jump on some electric scooters and get extreme. I suggested trying to find some bike jumps but all google could provide was a mountain bike trail – what could go wrong? Brad being as gnarly as he is, took it from the top and slid out on the loose rocks and dirt and slammed insanely hard! With how heavy and fast these things go it was bound to happen. Unfortunately at that time Brad had been out of action at that point for 10 weeks due to a big toe injury and sure enough he rebroke it on this slam! As sore as he was, he was quick to laugh it off before we rode back to the hotel and awoke the guys from their slumber to laugh at the video for a couple of hours straight.

50-50 Gap Out - Photo: McLaughlin

You had an interview in Slam not too long ago. How was the experience?

I did! It was definitely a wild experience but I’m super grateful to even be considered and I’m super happy with how it turned out. This came out over Christmas so it was super cool to give a copy to mum and dad and share that moment. Myself and Wade definitely had some fun shooting the portrait in my office at work and for anyone reading along that’s seen the photo, I did in fact have to buy a 30 piece bucket of KFC chicken because they wouldn’t give us the bucket for free… Safe to say I was pretty sick that night!

Are you filming for any projects at the moment?

Yep! I’ve been working on a part for Fast Times ever since my HUF part dropped in December 2020. It’s all finished now and is premiering this Saturday night at Fast Times Swanston St. Drinks have been provided by Fizzer and it’s shaping up to be a big night! A lot of my closest friends have tricks in it and crew are flying down from all over the place to be there so it’s definitely a special one! Hopefully people are into it!

Three interesting individuals we might not, but definitely should know about?

  1. Wade Mclaughlin 
  2. Liam Howard 
  3. Adam Coleman

While you may have heard of them, they are all extremely talented buggers in their own way so I will let you do your own research.

Most memorable trip you’ve been on? (skate or non skate related)

I’ve definitely been lucky enough to go on some great ones around Australia, America and Europe but the most memorable by far would be a trip to the states I went on with Brad Saunders. We both got flown over to Seattle for a comp that Brad was skating in and he ended up winning the whole bloody thing which was insane!

As a result, the trip got extended to LA for a week so we flew there instead of home and that’s where the madness began. We stayed in a mansion in the Hollywood Hills just under the sign, warmed up at The Berrics most mornings, had a shopping spree with Kenny Anderson and skated the Crailtap Park, skated the Baker park and filmed doubles with Ellington, was lucky enough to spend a week in the mansion with Henry Gartland (RIP), went to Chad Muska’s Epicly Later’d premier and so much more – bloody good times!

What was the inspiration behind this mix?

I tried to just incorporate a lot of my favorite songs from over the years and songs that are special to me in numerous ways. While they might not exactly go together as my music taste can be quite broad, they all mean something to me. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do (even if it’s just a couple haha). Side B is definitely my favourite!

Artists / tracks you’re feeling at the moment?

I’ve been rinsing Madonna pretty hard as you are well aware. She has so many belters that get completely forgotten about! Then everything in between all the way from Rolling Stones and Bowie to Project Pat and Juicy J! NORTH MEMPHIS!

Favourite things to do in your down time?

If I’m not skating it’s going to Jump off the pier, swim at the beach, go for a ride, drink some cold ones with the boys and put myself in a food coma from KFC. By far my favorite is going down to Leonards House Of Love and challenging you to a pool game though <3

A pet hate?

I hate when people are late, in particular when I’m really excited to get somewhere. Liam Howard and the Gooch St guys give me a lot of shit for it and call it “Sammy’s schedule” because it’s usually my way or the highway. I know you have been on the receiving end of my sassiness some friday’s when I’m super excited to get to Prahran park after work for a skate and beers and you are piss farting around getting ready haha.

Top 3 Fast food orders?

  1. KFC – Large Zinger Stacker Box with no lettuce. Swap out the potato and gravy for regular gravy if you are keen on a good time!
  2. McDonalds – Large Double Cheeseburger meal with no onion or pickles and 6 nuggets with a sweet and sour sauce – Vanilla Coke to go!
  3. Schnitz – Large Parmageddon meal in a wrap with egg, bacon and cheese, 2 sweet chili mayo’s and a large gravy. That one is super dense haha!

More from Sam via @sam_owbridge
Photos courtesy of Wade McLaughlin – @wade_mclaughlin

BS Bluntslide - Photo: McLaughlin
Belco Benihana Fakie - Photo: McLaughin
Boardslide Yank Over - Photo: McLaughlin

Track List 

Side A

I Wouldn’t Want to Be Like You – The Alan Parsons Project
Robert De Niro’s Waiting – Bananarama
Love Come Down -Barry Biggs
Don’t Worry Baby – The Beach Boys
The Hours – Beach House
Eyes Without A Face – Billy Idol
Caribbean Queen (No More Love On the Run) – Billy Ocean
Josephine – Chris Rea
Police and Thieves – The Clash
Hey Tonight – Creedence Clearwater Revival
Out Of Touch – Daryl Hall & John Oates
Modern Love (Single Version) – David Bowie
Upside Down – Diana Ross
So Far Away – Dire Straits
Rain – Dragon
One of These Nights – Eagles
Burning Love – Elvis Presley
Stay With Me – Faces
Everywhere – Fleetwood Mac
Think About Me – Fleetwood Mac
Space Age Love Song – A Flock of Seagulls
We Can Get Together – Flowers
Stray Dog and the Chocolate Shake – Grandaddy
Every 1’s a Winner – Hot Chocolate
Great Southern Land – Icehouse

Side B

Tonight – Iggy Pop
Trouble – Lindsey Buckingham
Dress You Up – Madonna
Be My Angel – Mazzy Star
Baby Be Mine – Michael Jackson
I Melt With You – Modern English
Chemistry – Mondo Rock
Come Said the Boy – Mondo Rock
Come Back and Stay – Paul Young
Always On My Mind – Pet Shop Boys
Can’t Stand Losing You – The Police
My Brain Is Hanging Upside Down – Ramones
Baby Jane – Rod Stewart
Loving Cup – The Rolling Stones
Tumbling Dice – The Rolling Stones
American Love – Rose Laurens
More Than This – Roxy Music
Thinking of You – Sister Sledge
Only When You Leave – Spandau Ballet
Give a Little Bit – Supertramp
Money’s Too Tight (To Mention) – The Valentine Brothers
Wishing (If I Had a Photograph of You) – A Flock of Seagulls
In the City – Joe Walsh
Party All the Time – Eddie Murphy
Burn For You – INXS

013 - Kasper

CC & Kasper

What’s up Kasper! Tell us a little bit about yourself. 

Hey, I’m an artist living in Melbourne Australia originally from QLD. I spend most of my time painting murals and refurbished skateboards.

What sort of projects have you been working on lately?

Things have been pretty hectic on the mural side of things. I’ve been on the back end of those, designing/gearing up for a big month ahead while trying to balance studio time in preparation for a couple of exhibitions. I just finished up two toys that will be shown in “This Is Not A Toy Store” and putting some final touches on a few carved skateboard pieces that’ll be hanging around a couple of galleries around Melbourne. Some big days are coming up man, it’s been fun as!

How did you get into painting?

Through skating. I started skating around 13, always looking at graffiti from afar. My mate and I used to skate Brisbane every Friday night until the last train. On one trip we missed the last service and had to skate home. On the trek we found a random tin and ran along trackside a bit. Ever since that day I haven’t been able to put the paint down.

How did you find it transitioning from full-time work to a full-time artist?

Pretty amazing man! I’ve been in and out of the full-time artist thing for years, but a few of those previous times were overseas while on short term painting missions. I found myself in some pretty surreal situations in Vancouver, Bali and the US. Most recently here in Melbourne I went full-time at the start of the lockdowns. Strange times made me pull the trigger on dropping everything else and it’s been unbelievable what’s presented itself ever since. This time around I really think there’s no going back.

Tell us a bit about how your skateboard art came about?

Just like every other skater with a Posca pen, I used to just scribble on my boards a bit, and that expanded to painting used decks. With all my chipped up boards stacking up as a grom, I started carving them up with a jigsaw. At the beginning I would usually cut them into an old school shape or something, but as I experimented more and more, I realised the carving could be half of the art. That’s been an idea I’ve been pushing over the years. I recently turned a deck into a stagnant pinball machine and have some big ideas for some more to come.

You did an artist residency in Wodonga over 2021. How was the experience?

Insane man! For 6 months I found myself in the role of a full-time mural artist for the council; 3 and a half hours away from my life in Melbourne. When arriving, they wanted 6 murals in 6 months, I ended up finishing on 10 with a few extras in my own time on the side. Usually with council murals, the back end is covered by council workers and the artist deals with the painting side of things. In this role I found myself building everything from the ground up from paper work to community engagement, while trying to keep focus on the detail of painting each one. After the first 2 murals pretty much everyone around town was clued in on what was going on. The community was really stoked on the project. The rest of the time turned into a rollercoaster which I could go on forever about, but all in all it was probably the best art experience of my life to date.

You painted some massive scale murals on water towers in a regional town a while back. What was it like painting at such a large scale?

Yeah man, my first water tower project came up last year in the town of Bourke alongside the crew: outback artist John Murray, local indigenous artist Brian Smith & the man on the can Bob Barrett. It’s an incredible the amount of work that goes into these things; not really the scaling of the project, (that stuffs easy with a few techniques I’ve learnt along the way) but just the logistics of the damn thing. Feeding paint up 30 meters up in the sky, calculating supply, keeping all the heavy machinery up and running and the damn heat & flies haha. That project was a battle! On day one, you just look at the thing and think “Fuck, what have I gotten myself into” but by the end it’s pretty insane to kick back and look at it. It doesn’t get more satisfying than that.

What are some of your favourite cities you’ve visited while painting abroad?

It’s a toss up of different places for so many for different reasons. I loved Bali and Thailand for the freedom of riding around on scooters, jacked up with paint being able to paint wherever. On the back of that you can pay off cops too. Vancouver was another one, coming from busking on the streets to working my way up to painting full-time for the city council and doing some unforgettable projects! The USA was fun too. Not really for the abundance of art created but by some fucked up memories from trying to hunt walls in some sketchy spots. If I had to choose one spot though I’d probably say Bali. Ubud in particular, I did an artist residency at a place called ‘Cata Odata’ where I painted 30 murals 20 independently and 10 with local artist. It was nuts. 

Artists you’ve collaborated with recently?

Two in particular on a few walls, John Murray & Lucas Geor “Slim”. I’ve painted a whole bunch of things with John before. He’s a legend to link up with, and Slim just moved into Blender Studios where I currently work out of. He’s keen to get busy so we’ve been flowing some stuff together around a few laneways to. Link ups are cool as. Double the fun and half the effort!

Three interesting individuals we might not, but definitely should know about?

John Murray
Manda Lane
Conrad Square

All three are killers in their own right. Have a search on Instagram and show them some love!

What was the inspiration behind this mix?

Outlaw country is sort of a new obsession. It seems my music taste usually reflects my surroundings. Recently, I’ve been spending heaps of time painting in little outback towns or daydreaming about when I’ll be back in one doing the same thing. The country music seems to transport me there even if I’m sitting in my studio amongst the hustle and bustle of Melbourne CBD.

Artists / tracks you’re feeling at the moment?

It changes so quickly It’s hard to nail a few names down. Spotify’s ‘song radio’ has been my best friend for a while now it helps discover more hidden gems.

Favourite things to do in your down time?

Skating or scribbling around some laneways. On days that I’m completely busted, watching pro wrestling and playing video games.

A pet hate?


Top 3 places to wine, dine or have a cuppa?

I’m a cheap ass man so this list might be more of a stuff your face for cheap list: 

Om Vegetarian for some all you can eat Indian for $8

Tokui Sushi all rolls are $2.50 rolls 

DonDon’s for a $7 Tofu curry don 

Now that’s savings ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

One last thing I just wanted to say big love to Trent Riley I miss you man <3

More from Kasper via @kaspersart 

Track List 

Brooks & Dunn – Neon Moon
Josh Turner – Your Man
Eddie Noack – Psycho
John Williamson – Home Among the Gumtrees
Waylon Jennings – Luckenbach, Texas
Wayne Hancock – Thunderstorms and Neon Signs
Roger Alan Wade – Put Another Log on the Fire
Johnny Paycheck – Take This Job and Shove It
Wheeler Walker Jr. – Summers in Kentucky
Randy Newman – Strange Things
Melanie – Brand New Key
George Jones – The Race Is On
Johnny Cash, June Carter Cash – Jackson
Billy Walker – Funny How Times Slips Away

012 - Masala Kids

CC & Daniel Vincent (Masala Kids)

What’s up Danny! Tell us a little bit about yourself. 

Yoyoyoyo. I’m an Austril-Indian man that grew up in Oceanic continent.

What have you got in the works at the moment?

A bit of this and a bit of that hey. I just moved house. My backyard is like a jungle so I’m getting my green thumb on, haha.

You’ve had a hand in a lot of different creative projects over the years, what were some of your personal favourites?

Woodfolk events were definitely some of the most nostalgic memories! The last few years I have been diving into the music realm which has been an amazing experience. I went to Nepal in 2019 and locked myself in an Airbnb and just made beats with my SP404, which some other tourists thought was so random but I loved it. Not one hike… hahah

You held an amazing intimate art show at your house a few moons ago, give us the rundown on how this came about?

Me and my homie Indigo fell deep into the painting rabbit hole during peak covid lockdown; which is weird to say but it was the best creative push for us being locked in our beautiful house.

Over a few months we just started stacking paintings, filling up our lounge room and then decided we wanted to showcase it all for our friends in this weird time of life. We thought it might put a few smiles on people’s faces and thankfully it did!

We certainly had such a fun time! We managed to get some beer sponsors so that was sweet as well. Our other roommate Marcus just released his album for Anders & Edgar so we had a little listening party on the night which was absolutely beautiful!

What’s been happening on the music side of things for you lately?

I’ve been working on some projects here and there with friends. I’ve have met a lot of good people recently who make similar music to me. This has been so refreshing because I didn’t really know there was much of a scene for the music I make and listen to.

After releasing my recent album DARLEEN on Spotify, I have taken a step back and been on the listening music train. I’ve just been digging for records and stacking up my collection, while just actively listening to albums from start to finish. It’s something that I’d never really done to be honest (thanks to Spotify) hahah.

Three interesting individuals we might not, but definitely should know about?

Indigo Pesu – Animation guru among many other skillz

Barry Lizouski – King of Coops 😉

David Versace – Makes tunes of all styles that will make you wet!

Jobbo – For any of your excavation needs!

Most memorable trip you’ve been on? (skate or non skate related)

Japan 2017. I went snowboarding which I cannot wait to do again! I maganged to skate tokyo for a week which was fucking freezing but spots were sexy! Zach Nolan made a clip (below)

What was the inspiration behind this mix?

Life baby

Artists / tracks you’re feeling at the moment?

Sun Ra
Lillian Vase

Favourite things to do in your down time?

Play with my plants
Crate diggin’
Making fingerboard spots 

A pet hate?

Late-night Uber Eats

Top 3 spots to wine, dine or have a cuppa?

Les Bubbles have one  meal on the menu and its cooked to perfection + unimited chips and creamy sauces

Paw Paw – Spicy eggs benny on a crossiant 

Bahn Mi – if you know where to go

The End bar – make some gang* cocktails 

More from Daniel Vincent via @masala.kids  & @doubleshot_piccolo

Spotify link here


Track List 

Mbube – Solomon Linda’s Original Evening Birds
Got To Give It Up (Pt.1) – Marvin Gaye
Baby – Ariel Pink
Bela Lugosi’s Dead – Bauhaus
Night Walk – Dirty Beaches
Tubesocks – Kiefer
shuremng – Knxwledge
Slowdance – Mndsgn
WHITE CRAYON – Athletic Progression
Peruvian – Horatio Luna
Moody – ESG
Fall In Love (Your Funeral) – Erykah Badu
Miracles – SAULT
Trustt – Jitwam
Tezeta (Nostalgia) – Mulatu Astatke

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